Saturday, 26 November 2016

Nothing to do.

I'm astonished to hear that many people -- if not indeed most people -- would find it profoundly boring not being in a full-time job as an employee. That they would have nothing to do all day. Indeed, many people claim that when they were unemployed they were sleeping 12 hours a day and were just depressed.

I have to say I find this utterly bizarre. So going for walks in the countryside; visiting museums; learning and becoming proficient in some subject and perhaps even becoming an expert; discussions on a variety of subjects on the Internet and elsewhere; reading novels; playing games; exercising; just simply thinking about reality and our place in it and what it all means; laying in a field in the warm bright sunshine in the arms of the one you love. And so on and so on and so on... None of this has any appeal? Peoples' only aim in life is to sell their labour to an employer? Nothing else in life is worth doing? Wow...

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  1. I was living in a hole of a village too far away from even the corner shop to walk, with no car, on a county line so bus fares to the nearest things to do cost more than a day's money, with internet connection which worked about five minutes at a time, with a sister who constantly monopolised the TV for shows I loathe. I could still read but I was clawing my hair out with stress and my ability to focus went out the window.


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