Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I am me, and no-one else

I've always been very different from everyone else. I've tried to fit in -- to be like everyone else. But I have irrevocably finally given up. I'll always be different. And I suppose . .in a sense . .I like that. I'll never be at one with a crowd, or even with a few individuals. But at least I'll be me -- not some false facade.

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  1. But where do you begin and end, both in the now-time of the spontaneously arising indivisible multi-dimensional pattern patterning, everything in the past beginning at the moment of creation (if there was such a definable moment), and all of future time to your own seeming separate appearance here.
    Put in another way you would have to take into account quite literally everything that has ever appeared prior to this moment in time, all of which has somehow mysteriously coalesced to create the now time pattern that you call you and the entirety of the now-time cosmic appearance in which you are entangled at all possible levels - energetic, atomic, cellular, molecular, bodily, mind, psychic, astral. Especially the very powerful group mind and psyche of the culture in which you live, all of which presses upon you to be a normal dreadfully sane well-adjusted personality.
    And what happens to your solidly defined separate self when you go into the state of deep dreamless and formless sleep every night. When you are relieved, and refreshed of the inherent stress of having to deal with a vast multitude of seemingly separate beings, both human and non-human, and things.


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