Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Our lives and the Universe are bizarre!

How often do most people sit back and reflect on how utterly bizarre their situation is?? The fact they find ourselves existing . . . . yet they do not know why they are here, what the world is, why anything exists at all, why the world is as it is, what it's all for, what will eventually happen to them when they die??

OK, I understand many people think their existence is just pure blind happenstance, that the Universe just came into being by pure blind happenstance, that we're just here for the ride. But how do they know?? And irrespective of whether this is true, this does nothing to lessen the bizarre situation we find ourselves in. Not having a clue whether or not there's a purpose to their lives, and if it is what that purpose is.

Jus' had a few bottles of becks.

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