Sunday, 18 December 2016

Sex with robots

Apparently by 2050, human-on-robot sex will be more common than human-on-human sex.

Don't you jus' love these ludicrous predictions!  :D

Walking home after a night out drinking

I have on the odd occasion walked home at night between 12-2am for 5 miles or so after drinking in a pub.

For example when I was camping at Scarborough many years ago (maybe 20 years?) I got talking to this woman camping by herself and we went to the pub. Walking down this country road when going home it was pitch black and we could scarcely see where we were going!

But her nervousness was coming off her in waves on the way back. After all I'd only known her for about 3 hours or so! I felt like saying, it's OK, won't rape you or anything, but that would have made things worse maybe. So I just pretended I didn't notice her nervousness and just talked about inconsequential things.
And one night walking home for miles when camping at Skegness I met this guy and a woman walking the same way. Drunk as I was I started walking with them and started talking to the woman. Wasn't particularly dark though. She was very friendly and we were talking about all sorts e.g. I remember talking about Dean Koontz's "Watchers", which she had also read, and how I'd love a genetically engineered dog like the one featured in the book which was super intelligent.  But I felt the guy was becoming more and more pissed off. I could just feel it! Even though he basically said nothing.

And one New Years Eve night many years ago I walked home from Middlesbrough centre to Fairfield in Stockton. 1am to 2.30am? About 6 miles distance. For some reason I walked down Castle Eden Walkway . . it was pitch black! But I heard male voices ahead whilst walking down there. Not a good idea for them to see me. So I hid in the bushes at the side of the path. .When they walked past I still couldn't seek them even though only about 20 feet away or so.! But there was at least one woman with them. One of the women screamed out in fear and whimpered. I think one of the guys must have hit her. And he was threatening her.

Students at pub

Put this on facebook last night after I'd had about 5 or 6 pints.

Been to pub. Interesting talking to students in there. The two guys I was talking to gave the impression they were very much convinced that the world as revealed by science is the correct one. They were talking about the "enlightenment" etc, and seemed to be hostile towards any type of religion or God. And the strong impression I got was that they thought that their position was sensible, and indeed, obvious. That they were smart, intelligent and educated.

I think they've been sucked into thinking about the world in certain ways, arguably in a comparable manner to what religious people have been. Namely they've passively soaked up the prevailing "wisdom".

I didn't say that! I just suggested that perhaps there might be some creator of some description even if not corresponding to any organised religion.

Gave me a bit of a the cold shoulder after that. But then I was talking to them later about the pubs near here, and what Grimsby, Lincoln, and other places are like etc, and got on with them quite well. Moral of all this is don't start talking about intellectual stuff to strangers!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Our lives and the Universe are bizarre!

How often do most people sit back and reflect on how utterly bizarre their situation is?? The fact they find ourselves existing . . . . yet they do not know why they are here, what the world is, why anything exists at all, why the world is as it is, what it's all for, what will eventually happen to them when they die??

OK, I understand many people think their existence is just pure blind happenstance, that the Universe just came into being by pure blind happenstance, that we're just here for the ride. But how do they know?? And irrespective of whether this is true, this does nothing to lessen the bizarre situation we find ourselves in. Not having a clue whether or not there's a purpose to their lives, and if it is what that purpose is.

Jus' had a few bottles of becks.

Log Cabin

This is what I'd make if I inexplicably went back in time a ~million years or went "sidewards" in time to a parallel world ...