Monday, 30 November 2015

My first ever video game -- pong.

This was the very first computer/video game -- at least as far as I'm aware. I remember my first experience of playing this game. It was at the forum in Billingham ~1974. I and my friend Gary Dix decided to put 5p in the Pong machine to have a game (no idea who paid, doubt it was me cos I never had any money those days! Well 50p a week pocket money which all went on sweets and comics the day I received it -- but I digress). First up to 11 won. But if you missed then the ball was continually served to you. I couldn't hit the ball for love nor money! Went to 0-5, so Gary came over to my control, but he completely failed to hit the ball too! And went to 0-11 without either of us being able to hit the ball.

I got a home pong console a couple of years later, and I became better than anyone else at it. Indeed I don't think I ever missed the ball! I had to play against myself most of the time though, left hand v right hand. Went on eternally! Although right hand always eventually won.And when space invaders came out in the arcades around 1979, I eventually became better than anyone else I'd ever seen at that game too.

All just a question of practice!

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