Sunday, 22 July 2018

A caveman suddenly appearing in a modern city

Imagine a caveman from 100,000 BC suddenly being transported in time to today and placed for a brief time into the middle of a modern city. A cacophony of noise; a staggering number of people all seemingly very busy walking in random directions all ignoring each other; the movement of large inanimate objects moving under their own volition, some of which travel at an unbelievable speed. Completely and totally frenetic.

Then he suddenly get transported back. How does he explain his experience to his fellow cavemen? It was very busy, strange, noisy, lots of people? That scarcely conveys it. Nor would my description above convey what it was like. Nothing could, it's simply completely outside anything they have ever experienced. Any attempt at a description could not possibly convey the raw experience of being there.

Likewise for those who have had psychedelic or mystical experiences or NDEs trying to explain their experiences to us. Not that I've ever had any of these experiences.

Walking speed and longevity

Apparently there's a correlation between how fast you walk and how long you'll live. I strongly doubt that deliberately walking faster will lead to a longer life though. It will be the *urge* to walk faster that is indicative of a longer life, not that walking faster will cause one to live longer.
So walk as slowly as you like (so long as you're not blocking my path).

Claims of being a famous person in a past life

Somebody said there's a huge following of reincarnation claimants on Instagram, many of whom claim they were a famous person in a previous life. I think it's highly unlikely that a claimed past life of a famous person is genuine (even though I think at least some people reincarnate).

What percentage of the population were represented by famous people at the time of the claimed past life? Very small I imagine. I'd put my money on none, or virtually none, of these claimed lives as being for real. People crave the attention, and others duly oblige.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Allowing Advertisments

I keep getting messages on websites like the New York Times imploring me to support their outstanding journalism by allowing ads. How making me suffer by having ads pop up all the time helps support their journalism is quite beyond me. If they think I'm gonna take notice of advertisements, then they have another think coming. But if I don't take any notice of ads, then absolutely nothing is gained by me viewing them. All that happens is they just piss me off. Apart from this all advertisements are immoral and should all be banned.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Log Cabin

This is what I'd make if I inexplicably went back in time a ~million years or went "sidewards" in time to a parallel world where humans never evolved.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Supermarkets targeted in the battle against obesity

Article says:
New laws to ban shops from offering special “two for the price of one” deals near supermarket checkouts for food high in sugar, fat or salt are to be introduced in an attempt to ease an obesity crisis that has made the UK the most overweight nation in western Europe.
One of the industry leaders Tim Rycroft objected to these proposed measures saying:

Advertising and promotions underpin the healthy, vibrant and innovative market for food and drink that UK shoppers love.

What does that mean? Advertising and 'buy one get one free' "offers" sell more junk food? But this is the whole point of the Government measures; namely to make the market for junk food not so "healthy" and vibrant.

These special offers aren't really special offers anyway. The offers are the price they should sell at all the time. Bouncing the price up and down all the time fools people into thinking they're getting a great deal when the product is at the low end of the price cycle.

A caveman suddenly appearing in a modern city

Imagine a caveman from 100,000 BC suddenly being transported in time to today and placed for a brief time into the middle of a modern city. ...