Friday, 12 May 2017

A Sobering Thought

Sobering thought to think that by around 2150 I will have been completely forgotten -- as if I had never existed. Unless my blogs survive, or my Facebook posts etc, which I doubt.


  1. Not really when you put it into perspective. How many people even know that your blog exists right now? There have to be hundreds of thousands of blogs out there. Hardly anyone knows any particular one unless it is the blog of a celebrity or something.

    Even if your blog or Facebook survives, who's going to read it in 150 years? Do you make it a habit to read the diaries of random everyday people from the 1860s? Do you know anyone else who does?

  2. Are there any celebrities blogs anywhere near as interesting as mine?

  3. I read Pepys diary and he died hundreds of years ago

  4. I guess 'interesting' is a matter of taste.

    When that guy at uni asked you if you were gay, he didn't mean literally. He meant intellectual stuff drives away most girls, so stop acting like chick-repellent before you ruin this for me :)

  5. Who are anonymous? One of my fb friends?

    The woman was *deliberately* asking me questions and talking to me because she knew that other guy was infatuated with her.

    People will find the stuff I write boring or interesting depending on whether they understand what I'm talking about.

  6. Talking about "chick repellent". Whenever I've been on a dating site and linked to my blog -- my other one, not this one -- they immediately cease communicating with me (80-90% of the time anyway). I guess my blog didn't impress them!

    Some woman writing a blog comparable to my own would have quite the opposite effect on me.


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