Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Dry January

I've just about completed "dry January", that is to not consume any alcohol in the month of January. 

I've been reading peoples' comments today regarding dry January. People saying they regret having drunk so much the next day and looking back in embarrassment what they said and did while under the influence. And they really didn't have a good time anyway.

Loads of comments saying that people should stick to the one drink. That it's a sad reflection on their life if people need to drink more than one or two etc.

Got to say my experience is entirely different. First of all I'm *never* embarrassed about what I did the previous night whilst drinking. Well . .the singing on facebook a little bit, but I can sing better than most other people so...

But also drinking makes me feel great. Drinking and listening to music, drinking and playing computer games. More philosophical and reflective. More talkative. 

Of course one can drink too much in one session. I wouldn't drink more than around 7 pints in a night. And to only drink once every 5-7 days since I'm leery of any detrimental effect on my health. I just wish other recreational drugs were legal.

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