Monday, 10 October 2016

If everyone in the world disappeared apart from me.

I'm wondering what I would do if I woke up one morning, and apparently every single other person in the world had simply vanished. Presumably that first morning I'd still have electricity, but perhaps no internet. So I would be wondering why I'm not getting the Internet. I'd ring up BT (my ISP) and not get any answer. After ringing around a few places with no responses, it'll suddenly impinge upon me that I cannot hear any traffic. I go outside, and I cannot see or hear anyone at all! I walk into the town centre and the place is wholly deserted, and all the shops are closed! So what would I do then?

I note that cars are on the road and crashed into each other and buildings. So it's as if everyone just simply suddenly vanished -- except me. But I also note that birds are still alive and insects. So the first thing I would do is try and find someone else, start shouting etc. At some point I hear a dog barking. It's behind someone's door in someone's house. Do I break in at this point to rescue it? I think maybe.

As the day wears on, and maybe electricity gets cut off?? (no idea how long I would have electricity), I'm going to have to think about rescuing as many animals as possible as they'll all soon die of dehydration. Dogs and cats from peoples' homes, pet shops and zoos.

I'd keep a lot of the dogs and cats for pets, they'd make great company. And move to a huge mansion in lovely countryside overlooking the sea. Trouble is I have no practical skills so would have no idea how to obtain electricity. Need electricity for PC too . .hmmm . . maybe I could find some mansion that runs off solar power? Thankfully my watch uses solar power. I can just raid the supermarkets for tins of food. Grow fruit and stuff too. Tins of dog and cat food also from the supermarkets for all my pets.

Of course I could never know I was the only person left alive in the world. Perhaps 1 in 10 million, or 1 in 100 million survived. That would give me a goal in life, to locate any other survivors. And when I do, she would look at me in stunned disbelief, then run toward me crying and sobbing into my arms saying she thought she was the only one. Then we could procreate and restart the human race.

But, if I were really the only one, and I somehow managed to obtain electricity, then I think my life might be bearable. Sitting outside drinking ice cold bottles of becks with a couple of dogs at my feet, watching the sea crash against the cliffs, and if at night, looking at the stars in the night sky brilliant in their intensity since there wouldn't be any light pollution.

Edited to add. Now this looks as if it could be an ideal place to live in.

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