Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Materializer

The Materializer was completed.

Ned Quinn stood back, wiped his hands, and admired the
huge bank of dials, lights and switches. Several years and
many fortunes had gone into this project. Finally it was ready.
Ned placed the metal skullcap on his head and plugged the
wires into the control panel. He turned the switch to ON and

`£20 note.'

There was a whirring sound. In the Receiver a piece of paper
appeared. Ned inspected it. Real.

`Martini,' he said.

A whirring sound. A puddle formed in the Receiver. Ned
cursed silently. He had a lot to learn..

`A bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale,' he said.

The whirring sound was followed by the appearance of the
familiar brown bottle. Ned tasted the contents and grinned.
Chuckling, he experimented further.

Ned enlarged the Receiver and prepared for his greatest
experiment. He switched on the Materializer, took a deep
breath and said,


The whirring sound swelled and faded. In the Receiver stood
a lovely girl. She was naked. Ned had not asked for clothing.
She had freckles, a brace and pigtails. She was eight years old.

‘Hell!’ said Quinn.


The fireman found two charred skeletons in the smouldering

(unknown author)

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