Saturday, 19 March 2016

Frighteningly Life-Like Smart Robot

Read this article about life-like robots here.

That is impressive. However, it is astonishing that people don't understand that it's not conscious at all. It simply says what it's programmed to say. Maybe stores everything people have said to it and repeats it back.
Hanson puts a timeline of 20 years on the full integration of robots that have become “indistinguishable from humans.”
Ha Ha, he's got to be kidding. Maybe a few hundred years. However, the fact that they might not be distinguishable from humans doesn't alter the fact they wouldn't be conscious. At least not if it's a digital computer. And I suspect that when one gazes into the eyes of such an android, one would feel there's nothing there inside. Not merely because of psychological cues, but also through anomalous cognition (psi).

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