Monday, 5 February 2018

Enid Blyton.

I used to absolutely love reading Enid Blyton books as a child.  When I was around 7 years old or so I was absolutely enthralled by her Faraway Tree books and Wishing chair books.  And as a slightly older child I think what I refer to as the Fatty (five find-outers and dog) books were my favourite series of books.

I've just read the following article.  It says:

"Apparently, the Famous Five and Secret Seven made the police look like buffoons, Noddy's sexuality was questionable, Golliwog was racist and making fun of Big Ears was insulting to people with big ears," she said. "After the meeting I told her that I had got a lot of pleasure from Enid Blyton's books, and she said 'Well, your literary tastes leave a lot to be desired'.

The literary tastes of a large percentage of people leave a lot to be desired then (including myself). Presumably it can't be because the stories are allegedly racist etc that it reflects badly on people if they enjoyed them? I knew nothing about that sort of stuff as a child. I'm guessing the stories are considered to be shallow? I wonder what children's books she considered to be superior? When I was 7 I wanted to read about magic trees with weird and wonderful lands at the top and magic flying chairs. I can't imagine at that age reading any other author who I would have enjoyed more. That might make my literary tastes dire, but I'm happy with them!  I might have been a very different person without Blyton stories to open up my imagination.

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