Monday, 11 December 2017

Venturing out in the dark

Just got in from walk. Was fairly darkish walking in hubbard hills. Deserted and dark. A eerie malevolent blanket of silentness enveloped me, suffused through my being. It seemed I might be the only living creature left on the Earth.

But suddenly I saw movement on the ground matching my pace. What was this? Were dark evil creatures of the night venturing forth from the underworld to attack innocent souls, such as myself, who dare have the temerity to venture out into the dark?

Nope, it was a robin.

The world is strange

Why am I living on the surface of a huge ball floating in the midst of an infinite sea of nothingness?? We tend not to think reality is weird because we've lived in it throughout our lives. As children we thought our parents knew everything, and they didn't find such things surprising. So most of us just accept our situation, without thinking.

I sometimes think . .maybe we are all being systematically deceived. Something we're simply not getting.

Twitter is a waste of my time

I created a Twitter account a fair few years ago, but it's only in the past 5 weeks or so I've started to use it.  I hate the 280 ch...