Saturday, 26 March 2016

Consiousness IS what I think it is.

I'd just like to say something about the claim that people make that consciousness isn't what we think it is. They claim that science has shown we are wrong about so many things that we once thought was obvious and this even includes consciousness itself.

Now, I don't actually agree that we are so very wrong about everything, but I'll let that pass and concentrate on consciousness. Consciousness could not be anything other than what we experience it as being. That is to say there can be no gap between what we experience, and the experience itself. The pain of cramp just is what we experience it as being. As is greenness, as is hope, as is despair etc.

Now what we think consciousness is, is what it feels like to us. Since consciousness could not possibly be anything other than what it feels like to us, it cannot possibly be the case that we are mistaken about the nature of consciousness. In other words consciousness is what we think it is since it is nonsensical to suppose it isn't.

Note that in saying this that one is not claiming anything else. It is not being claimed that it survives the death of our bodies, or that it has psi abilities etc (although one comes close -- if not actually to assert -- to saying that consciousness is not material).

All this is bleedin' obvious of course, but I keep hearing people say to me that consciousness is not what I think it is! (or words to that effect).

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