Monday, 30 November 2015

My first ever video game -- pong.

This was the very first computer/video game -- at least as far as I'm aware. I remember my first experience of playing this game. It was at the forum in Billingham ~1974. I and my friend Gary Dix decided to put 5p in the Pong machine to have a game (no idea who paid, doubt it was me cos I never had any money those days! Well 50p a week pocket money which all went on sweets and comics the day I received it -- but I digress). First up to 11 won. But if you missed then the ball was continually served to you. I couldn't hit the ball for love nor money! Went to 0-5, so Gary came over to my control, but he completely failed to hit the ball too! And went to 0-11 without either of us being able to hit the ball.

I got a home pong console a couple of years later, and I became better than anyone else at it. Indeed I don't think I ever missed the ball! I had to play against myself most of the time though, left hand v right hand. Went on eternally! Although right hand always eventually won.And when space invaders came out in the arcades around 1979, I eventually became better than anyone else I'd ever seen at that game too.

All just a question of practice!

Got into trouble at School!

I remember when I was at school. It was something like 1977. The queen was passing through the area and the pupils had the option of staying off school for the day in order to go and see her. So obviously I said I wanted to see her, but instead stayed at home reading Enid Blyton books all day. One of my friends spragged on me to our registration teacher, and I got into trouble!! :O

A caveman suddenly appearing in a modern city

Imagine a caveman from 100,000 BC suddenly being transported in time to today and placed for a brief time into the middle of a modern city. ...